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Vast Holdings Group, LLC is a private investment firm which specializes in acquiring and operating companies in fields such as financial services, real estate, and alternative investments. Vast operates nationally from California to New York, with business relationships and operating entities in several states across the U.S.

The company’s principals operate with the intent to purchase companies in need of intellectual capital. The Vast team then engineers those companies to move towards success and growth going forward.

Current companies include:


Vast Holdings Group, LLC and its related entities have acquired six financial services companies since 2004. The companies collectively serve over 1,000 clients across the U.S.A. and internationally. The majority of our clients are small business owners or individuals preparing for a comfortable retirement.

In order to accommodate the varied needs of our clientele, Vast developed proprietary systems to identify and implement the best possible plan for each particular client.

Utilizing our team of attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, and estate planning professionals, Vast Solutions provides options to pre- and post-retirees to manage assets in an effort to ensure their investments outlive themselves.


Vast Solutions Group is known as The Tax and Financial Engineering Firm For Small Business Owners. We can help reduce your tax burden now while ensuring your assets provide for you in retirement.

Our customized services focus on engineering your best possible scenario when it comes to long-term finances, as well as maximizing your savings right now.

More specifically, Vast Solutions Group specializes in creating or revising small-business owner retirement plans to decrease current taxes, while also helping save for the future, optimize asset allocation, manage risk and develop a small-business succession or estate plan to leave a financial legacy for your loved ones.

Lots of moving pieces go into engineering your best financial future – let us do the legwork for you.


Vast Property Solutions, LLC is an elite investment firm focused on acquiring, developing, and managing real estate projects.

Whether looking to buy or sell real estate, obtain guidance in property development, or simply search for a new apartment, Vast has the answers. With cutting edge strategies and broad field experience, Vast Property Solutions, LLC should be your choice for real estate solutions.

With an out-of-the-box philosophy on real estate management, and the ability to employ a vast array of solutions to both complex and your more ordinary investment problems, have confidence in moving forward on your project with the Vast Property Solutions team.


Are you paying big premiums for commercial insurance coverage? Do you have multiple companies in the mix? Captive insurance may offer an excellent path to reduce your tax exposure and lessen your insurance expenditures, while simultaneously creating another vehicle for wealth creation and retention.

In certain circumstances, business owners may establish closely held insurance companies called Captive Insurance Companies (CIC’s) to realize some or all of the benefits mentioned above. CICs can be domiciled anywhere in the world, and they provide a unique alternative to retail insurance services, establishing custom made insurance coverage specific to a particular business or set of businesses.

Vast Captive Management and Vast Management Holdings, LTD  are both companies that manage the process of CIC creation and long-term administrative oversight.

For business where the benefits of ownership outweigh the costs and complexities of owning CIC’s, Vast provides an avenue for creation and management that leaves the owner free to run their primary business. This effectively removes the owner from the process of navigating risky insurance regulation waters, which are inherently associated with Captive Insurance ownership.

With our legacy of ethical and attentive management, adherence to legal and regulatory procedures and requirements, and assembled team of experts in the business of CIC’s, Vast is the obvious choice in this specialized field of finance and wealth retention. 


Vast proudly offer health insurance services. In today’s health insurance marketplace, many individuals find themselves without viable benefit solutions.

Recognizing this, we offer a variety of health plan options from different carriers for both individuals and families who do not have insurance, or need more reasonable alternatives to COBRA.

For Medicare recipients, we also offer Medicare Supplemental and Part D Prescription Plans. We provide side by side health plan benefit and price comparisons, and our experts are available at each stage of the process to answer questions and provide advice. We also offer Property and Casualty Insurance for individuals and small businesses.


Graphene provides this for individual and small business owners with corporate offices on Bainbridge Island, WA & Las Vegas, NV.

Graphene is a team of consultants led by people we hope to serve, just like us – small business owners. We provide tax strategic retirement planning for small business owners whether it is preparing for retirement or income planning. We provide the full package in regards to taxes in past, present and future.