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Vast Holdings Group, LLC is a national private investment firm specializing in buying companies in fields such as financial services, real estate, and alternative investments. The company’s principals make investments solely with the intent of buying a company in need of intellectual capital, and engineer it to be a successful and growing concern going forward. Our companies include:


Vast Holdings Group, LLC and its related entities have acquired six financial services companies since 2004. With those purchases, the company serves over 1,000 clients residing all across the U.S.A. and internationally. The majority of our clients are small business owners or individuals attempting to prepare for a comfortable retirement. In order to accommodate these needs, Vast has developed a proprietary system called PLANprime™. Utilizing our team of attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, and estate planning professionals, PLANprime™ provides solutions to pre- and post-retirees to manage assets in an effort to have their investments outlive themselves.

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Vast Solutions Group, Inc., a Las Vegas, NV, entity, known as The Tax and Financial Engineering Firm For Small Business Owners, can help reduce your tax burden now while ensuring your assets provide for you in retirement. Our customized services can help you: create or revise a small-business owner retirement plan that will decrease current taxes while helping you save for the future, optimize your asset allocation to manage risk and minimize taxes, and develop a small-business succession or estate plan to ensure you leave a financial legacy to your loved ones.

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Vast Property Group


Vast Property Solutions, LLC is an elite boutique investment firm that is focused on acquiring, developing, and managing real estate projects. With cutting edge experience, Vast Property Solutions, LLC should be your choice for real estate solutions. Whether you are looking to buy or sell real estate, need help in developing it, or looking for an apartment to rent, Vast is your answer. We have an out-of-the-box philosophy to real estate and employ a vast array of solutions to complex investment problems.

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Vast Captive Management


In nearly any enterprise there exists risk. In an attempt to render some business risks harmless, business owners at times establish closely held insurance companies called Captive Insurance Companies (CICs). CICs can be domiciled anywhere in the world and can provide a unique alternative to retail insurance services that are custom made for an entrepreneur in need of certain specific insurance coverage. Vast Captive Management, LLC is a company based in South Dakota while Vast Management Holdings, LTD is a company based in the Federation of Nevis but both companies helps business owners form and maintain CICs thereby navigating the risky entrepreneurial waters as a result of these powerful entities formed for small business owners.

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Health Insurance

Vast is offering health insurance in conjunction with ArcherBennett Insurance services. In today's health insurance marketplace, many individuals are left without viable benefit solutions. Recognizing this, ArcherBennett offers a variety of health plan options from different carriers to individuals and families who do not have insurance or are looking for COBRA alternatives. We also offer Medicare recipients Medicare Supplemental and Part D Prescription Plans. We provide side by side health plan benefit and price comparisons. We are available at each stage of the process to answer questions and provide advice.

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